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Mr Parker is the Science lead at St Luke's CE First School. 


In this section, you will find the following information;

  • Science Vision
  • Science Rationale
  • An overview of Science learning at St Luke's
  • Science vocabulary for each year group

Science Rationale

Overview of Science Learning at St Luke's

Science in the Early Years is taught through the Early Excellence approach to Continuous Provision and more information can be found on our Early Years page. Science for the other year groups, and how it progresses from year group to year group at St Luke's in accordance with the National Curriculum, can be found below.


The teaching of scientific vocabulary is also progressive. As we want children at St Luke's to communicate like scientists, they need to use and understand the relevant words. Children in Early Years are exposed to similar scientific language as in Year 1 but this is adapted according to the children's needs. Some vocabulary is revisited in different year groups to ensure understanding. Vocabulary progression for each year group can also be found below.

Science Events and Competitions

To follow.

Signposting for those who want to know more about science

To follow