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Global Neighbours

We want our children to make informed choices and to become responsible, caring citizens.  We empower children to be active global citizens; ensuring people have what is right and fair. As well as trusting god, we have qualities of determination , commitment and courage to put ourselves out for the benefit of others.


Basement Project

How can we make a difference to those who find themselves without a home?


The Basement Project, from Bromsgrove, came in to speak to the children about those who find themselves homeless. This enabled children to make links with other people less fortunate than themselves. They told stories of homelessness so children in Years Three and Four understood the injustice which lead to people being in these situations. It opened the children’s eyes to how somebody without a home is not always in the situation you imagine and how these situations occur to people in our own community. The School Council arranged a collection of foodstuff, from toilet rolls to sugar, and we donated this to support those in need.


Blue Cross

Do you treat animals as well as you treat each other?


Year Two had volunteers from Blue Cross come to speak to them about the injustice of unfairly treating animals. They shared stories of how animals suffer and educated children on how to support in caring for them, increasingly children’s knowledge and responsibility in regards to this.

Climate Strike

What can you do to help protect the animals and our planet?


Year One went to the the zoo as part of Science; to explore different types of animals.  They observed how many animals were endgangered. This fired them up to research the issues causing extinction and how to make a difference. They created bar graphs in Maths to compare different causes (discovering that one of the biggest factors was cutting down trees to free land for farming!).
Following on from this, Year One took a Collective Worship to teach the rest of the school about this. They shared their thoughts on how God created the world, and entrusted humans to look after it. They shared how we could do better.

This instigated a Climate Strike involving all the children from all the year groups. We were in the paper!  See is in the news here:




Climate Strike