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Science Fun at Home

Some ideas for experiments you can carry out at home from the Primary Science Teaching Trust.

Mrs Bothma's Experiments.

All of the experiments in the blue 'bubbles' below (and the video) are from teacher called Mrs Bothma. I hope you manage to try some of them.

Ice Cream in a Bag

Using a few simple ingredients and resources, you can make your own ice cream.

Paper Windmill
Tornado in a Jar
The Science of Bottle Flipping
How to Bend Water
Fireproof Balloon
The Incredible Hoop Glider
Wriggly Wrapper Worm
Bubble Cubes
A Bubble Inside A Bubble Inside A Bubble
Oil and Water Painting
DIY Solar Oven
Emoji Traumatropes
Ice Fishing
Transforming Star
Turn a Leaf into a Boat
How are the Moon's Craters Formed?
Underwater Candle
Walking Water
Constellation Cups
Constellation Cups - hole patterns
Hanging Crystals
Lava Lamps
Balloon Rockets
Framing nature
Grow a Rainbow
Invisible Ink
The Leakproof Bag
Skittles Science
Fireworks in a Glass
Reversing Arrows
Tornado in a Bottle
Unpoppable Balloon
Balloon Water Powdered Pump
DIY Seed Bombs
Floating Ghosts
Ice and Salt Rainbow
Paper Plate Sun Dial
Shadow Puppets
Tea Bag Rocket
Upside Down Glass of Water
Melting Union Jack
DIY Straw Trumpet
Rain Cloud in a Jar
Build Your Own Wormery
Cloud Viewer
Colour Mixing Spinner
DIY Fire Extinguisher
Floating Plate Trick
Floating Water
Flower Petal Ink
Levitating ball
Natures Paintbrushes

Live Webcams at Edinburgh Zoo

See what some of the animals get up to throughout the day. You might even spot a tiger!

More experiments to try here...

Colour Changing Milk

In this American video, all you need is whole milk, food colouring, cotton buds and washing up liquid. Watch what happens when the washing liquid is added to the milk (the food colouring is used so you can see what is happening). The soap in the washing up liquid bonds to the fat molecules in the milk which causes the milk to move and the food colouring to scatter. At the same time, the surface tension in the milk is destroyed by the washing up liquid .

What kinds of experiments could you do? You could try changing the variables to discover how they impact on the experiment. Would the scattering change if you used skimmed or semi-skimmed milk? What would happen if you used different brands of washing up liquid? You could try them and find out.