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Remote Learning Offer

Remote Learning Offer during the National Lockdown St Luke’s CE First School Spring Term 2021

To be read in conjunction with Remote Learning Policy – located on school website


What is remote learning?

Remote learning is for children who are unable to attend school due to COVID restrictions. This might be;

• Children who cannot attend because school is closed to all children except those of critical workers, vulnerable or those with an EHCP

• Children who cannot attend school because they are shielding as advised by their GP

• Children who cannot attend school because they are isolating due to a COVID positive result within their household


Remote means that the learning is managed through an online platform. The Class Teacher will set and upload daily learning onto this platform to be accessed and completed at home.


The platform we use at St Luke’s First school is Class Dojo.

Are all children expected to access and carry out remote learning at home?


If your child is not in school then they are expected to complete their daily learning through the remote learning platform.


How much learning will my child have each day?

Please see the table below.


The Government have set expectations for all schools; that children follow the same curriculum as they would if they were in school.



Short lessons to be carried out throughout the day


Kinetic Letters


Lesson related to other Early Learning Goals



3 hours per day - Should be spread out throughout the day with breaks in between

Phonics lesson

Kinetic Letters lesson

Reading lesson

Writing lesson

Maths lesson

Foundation subject lesson



3 hours per day - Should be spread out throughout the day with breaks in between

Phonics lesson

Spelling/Counting activity

Kinetic Letters lesson

Reading lesson

Writing lesson

Maths Lesson

Foundation subject lesson



4 hours per day  - Should be spread out throughout the day with breaks in between

Reading lesson

EdShed activity – spelling/maths

Maths lesson

English lesson – reading/writing/SPAG

Foundation subject lesson



4 hours per day - Should be spread out throughout the day with breaks in between

Spelling and times tables practice

Reading comprehension

Maths lesson

English lesson - reading/writing/SPAG

Foundation subject lesson


SPAG = spelling, grammar and punctuation

Foundation = subject areas other than English and Maths


During the week the Class Teacher will also upload a pre-recorded story time which your child can enjoy.


Mrs Pemberton and Mrs Coleman will upload collective worship each week.


Mrs Coleman will set some PSHE ideas. This is for the children to complete but they do not need to share this work.


Wellbeing Afternoon

Every Friday will be a wellbeing afternoon. Teachers will set a fun task for your child to enjoy at home.


Please note:

Mrs Cockram does not work on Wednesdays so Mrs Burling and Mrs Kelly will manage home learning and respond to any messages on this day


Mrs Beasley and Mrs Broughton job share in Year 2 and parents will only be able to contact them on their normal working day.


How will the lessons be delivered to my child?

Teachers will upload all learning onto the Class Dojo platform. This will be done daily.


Some lessons will be delivered through pre-recorded videos – these are designed to instruct your child on their learning for that lesson. Your child should watch these videos as if they are sitting in the classroom listening to their Teacher as they usually would.


Teachers may also upload links to other online teaching videos. The Government have set up online lessons through the Oak National Academy website and, where relevant, Teachers will make use of these videos. Teachers may also send links to other child safe websites.


Teachers will sometimes upload worksheets for your child to complete their work on. This can be written on electronically, or it can be printed off and written on with pencil, or your child can view the sheet from their device and complete the work in their exercise book.


Is my child expected to show their work to the Teacher? If so, how do we do that?

Yes. Your child should share their work with their Teacher so that the Teacher can check their understanding and know the next steps of learning to plan for your child.


We appreciate that we are all learning new technology and we need time to understand this. Please find below a link to instructional videos from Class Dojo. HZYUCHE%3D


Here you will find a range of short tutorials to help you use Class Dojo. These are the ones we think will be most useful to you;

If you do have any problems, please alert us and we will help you.


Will all of my child’s work be checked and commented on?

We will work remotely as we work in the classroom on a typical school day. Teachers will check all work as they do in school.


Teachers will only comment on work when it is relevant to do so. This is often when a child might need some gentle encouragement or when a child needs further support or instructions because they have a misconception.


At times, Teachers will provide answers to work so that your child can check their own work and make corrections to errors as they would in the classroom.


What happens if my child is struggling with their learning and I don’t know how to help them?

We appreciate that parents do not know the curriculum like Teachers do and that you might not know some of the strategies we use in class. Hopefully the Teachers instructional videos will help with this.


However, if your child is really struggling, then leave the task and send a message to the Teacher. The Teacher will pick up the message in the afternoon and will advise you.


When will my child’s work be looked at and when can I message the Teacher?

The Class Teachers are working in class each morning and teaching the children who are in school. In the morning, your child’s teaching assistant is working from home and will use this time to support the Teacher in checking and responding to your child’s work.


If you need to query something in the morning which is not of a sensitive nature, you can post this query on the class story page and the teaching assistant will respond (Please note that all parents in the class will be able to view your message on Class story).


The Class Teacher will be available in the afternoon to check your child’s work and to respond to any private messages.


Please note that members of staff will only respond to your child’s work and messages between 8:30am and 4:00pm each school day.


Teachers may upload work in the evenings or at weekends but your child should only complete this learning during their normal school day.


We kindly ask that you only upload your child’s work and not other non-school activities they have done during the day. We love to hear about what our children have been doing and we miss them very much, but Teachers are finding it difficult to check work when there are lots of other activities uploaded to Class Dojo.


I like my child to get all their learning done at once as it fits in better with our family commitments. Is this okay?

Ideally you should treat remote learning as if your child is in school that day. Children have a short concentration and attention span which increases gradually as they get older. During a typical school day, children’s lessons are spread throughout the day with breaks in between. This is because children need downtime and rest, and time away from computer screens.

Your child will find it difficult to complete their work all at once as it will be too much cognitive overload.


We do understand that managing home learning is not ideal especially if you have more than one child or you are having to balance your work with home learning.


Hopefully you will find a way to make it work and we are here to help if you need us.


Can we have the learning paper based rather than online?

Unfortunately, due to the number of children now accessing remote learning, and that remote learning is likely to continue for some time, we are unable to offer paper based learning.


What if I don’t have a device for my child to use for remote learning?

If you are having difficulties with devices, you should contact the school via email or telephone and we will support you with this.


Please note that the DfE have allocated laptops to schools but this a small amount for our school. Therefore, priority will go to SEND pupils and disadvantaged pupils.


Does my child need to complete remote learning tasks if they are currently in school?


The only time your child would need to move to remote learning is if they have to stay at home to self-isolate.


I’m worried about my child being online and the dangers this can present.

Class Dojo is a widely used online learning platform that has stringent vetting to prevent harm to children. However, parents should carefully monitor their child’s activity when working from screen. Ideally you will be in the same room as your child when they are accessing their learning. We advise all parents check parental controls so that your child cannot access unsuitable websites.


Here are some useful websites with guides for parents about keeping your child safe online;


If my child is poorly at home do they still have to complete their home learning?


If your child is poorly we do not expect them to complete their learning for that day. However, it is helpful to message the Class Teacher privately to let them know.


School Leaders regularly check that children are accessing their home learning and will contact parents of children who are not engaging. Therefore, if your child is likely to be poorly for more than a couple of days, it is helpful for us to know.


I’m not happy about the remote learning being given to my child? How do I raise a concern?

Remember we are here to help and want to work in partnership with all of our families to make this work for your child. We know how stressful this is for you all and we understand that everybody is going through challenges at this time.


If you do wish to raise a concern please contact the school either via email or telephone. Mrs Pemberton or Mrs Coleman will get back to you as soon as possible.