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Welcome to Lions Class



General information.

In Lions class we believe that learning should be a challenge for all children, with them enjoying and actively participating in their own learning. We feel it is important for children to reflect on their work and see mistakes as a learning opportunity and a chance to develop their growth mindset.


We also encourage our children to develop independence. Therefore, they are responsible for changing their own reading books. We would the children to read at least 3 times a week at home and encourage the children to do this using our Key to Success reading incentive. We will be checking how frequently the children have read on a Friday afternoon for the week (Friday to Friday). Those children who have read three times a week will receive a sticker and be a step closer to achieving an award. When the children fill their reward chart, they will receive a bronze reading badge. In Year 4, children have been given magpie books where, when they are reading, they can spot ‘good’ vocabulary and write this into their magpie book and share at school. If these words are then used in the children’s writing, they will receive a reward. Children will also receive weekly comprehension homework on a Friday, which is due in the following week.


In English, the children have been discovering texts linked to our science topic of Light and their Romans topic. They children have been developing their inference skills by putting themselves in the situation of the characters in the stories. This has enabled them to discuss their emotions, thoughts and feeling shown by the author’s choice of words. Furthermore, they have been using the text to develop their writing skills by writing detailed complex sentences, including the use of their senses and effective punctuation.



In mathematics the children will be linking their mathematics to real life situations including water depth and ingredients being used in recipes. In Year 4, the children are expected to know all times tables (up to 12 x 12). Each week we have a beat the clock session where children work on their target to improve their fluency and times tables knowledge. It is especially important that children practise these skills at home for around 15 minutes, 3x a week. This can be done by asking your children to count items in different numbered groups, counting the stairs in different times tables or through the resource sheets at school children can help themselves to and work on at home. This is because number facts and understanding of number support progression in all areas of mathematics.


Our topics in Lions class are blocked termly, this term we had our discover day based around Roman chariots. This term our topic is focusing on the key question ‘how have the Romans affected my life?’. Each term our topic will link around a whole school theme, this term it’s Choices and our class theme is how the life of a Roman child differs to our lives today. Throughout this topic, we will be looking at how different inventions that the Romans created are used in our everyday lives. At the beginning of the topic, the children had a knowledge harvest where they pulled together their existing knowledge on the Romans and then, used this to create questions the children would like answered. This has meant that we have been able to tailor the skills that need to be taught in the curriculum to the children’s interests.

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