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Kango's Kingdom Nurture Group

Kango’s Kingdom Nurture Group

Our aim is to ensure that all children at St. Luke’s First School are provided with equal opportunities to access learning.  To continue to meet the needs of the entire school population by improving SEN practice and taking on board new initiatives which support and develop our whole school Inclusion Plan.  

Establishing a Nurture Group at our school ensures that we are able to provide our more vulnerable children with the opportunity to access learning in an environment that is supportive of their needs, and will enable them to develop self-confidence, social skills and increasing independence.


What are our aims?

  • we aim to provide a curriculum that is individually tailored to meet the needs of the children
  • to ensure that by best meeting the needs of the children at risk of failure that we are able to improve the quality of education received by all children at St. Luke’s
  • to promote the confidence and self-esteem of the children we teach in order to allow them to develop into confident and independent learners
  • to build positive, trusting relationships with adults and peers and to respect themselves and their learning environment
  • to help provide essential early learning experiences
  • to understand we all make mistakes and it is ok to do so
  • to show our emotions in an acceptable manner, supporting children’s positive emotional growth and cognitive development at whatever level of need the child shows
  • to sit still and listen when others are talking
  • to build up links with the local community and to ensure that the children are surrounded by suitable role models
  • to help build foundations for successful future class based learning
  • to be reintegrated, full time, in our own classrooms
  • to build positive relationships between home and school, working as a team to improve their child’s education and general well being.

Nurture Group Weekly Planner

  • Breakfast/Snack Time

    Social time to chat around the table,  learning to share our food, offering it to others

    before myself and  using manners and helping to take responsibility for special jobs.

    We take turns to share our experiences, using good sitting/ listening skills and


  • Activity Time

    To incorporate the curriculum within our activities, such as phonics sessions, literacy

     and numeracy, letter formation, topic work and science.  Thus believing within

     ourselves that we can achieve our aims and goals.

  • Circle Time

    Circle time is a well-recognised method of giving children the opportunity to talk and

    be listened to within a safe setting and without any interruptions. It is important that

    children are able to share/learn about their feelings and themselves with peers and

    staff who will embrace and support this learning development.

  • Group Activity

    Working together to share, cooperate with each other, to take turns and learn to

    wait. Children learn to make friends and socialise through various activities such as

    role-play, problem solving, creativity, playing games, choosing time, cooking and story


  • Reward Systems/Targets/Group Rules/Visual Prompts

    In Kango’s Kingdom we share our share our thoughts and ideas, talk through problems

    and discuss any consequences.  Time is given to review individual targets and

    achievements. Choosing time and rewards are given if we have tried our best and

    achieved our targets.


    It is important that children are given positive reinforcement through consistent use

    of zone boards, reward charts, praise and responsibility, always giving opportunity to

    put things right and do better next time. Our ‘Golden Rules’ help to remind children

    what is acceptable behaviour, differentiate between right and wrong and help to make

    good choices.


  • Timeout/Quiet Area

    This area of the Nurture Group setting offers children a place to feel calm, regulate

    their emotions by talking through any concerns and a time to reflect and start again. 

    It is also an ideal place for circle time and reading books/listening to stories.

  • Outdoors

    We are very lucky at St. Luke’s to have access to a Forest School. Nurture Group

    pupils will regularly be given opportunity to work outdoors and share the experience

    and benefits of this effective environment.  We sometimes share breakfast/snack

    time outdoors, learn through the changing seasons and enjoy creating planting areas

    such as our Butterfly Garden and vegetable patch.

  • Liaison with parents/class teachers

    Working together as a whole school team and in partnership with parents/carers

    ensures the best support for our children and that the welfare of the child is always a

    priority. Kango’s Kingdom has adopted an open-door policy where staff are committed

    to providing an educational setting where both parents and children feel welcomed,

    valued and respected.  Progress and concerns can also be discussed with private time

    being available together with class teachers if necessary.


If you would like to find out further information on Nurture Groups, then please see


Mrs Kelly – Nurture Group Leader at St. Luke’s First School