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Our Vision. 

Our school is made up of people from a wide range of cultures and socio-economic backgrounds, living together in the community. In the school’s local environment, one street can look very different from another, a mix of new and old, and the school is close to the town centre, which has seen huge change. The school and the town have a rich History and change and development has been significant and rapid. Some of our families have lived in Redditch all their lives and have many generations who have lived here. Some of our families are new to the town, and some, new to our Country. How many of our children feel a sense of belonging and loyalty to where they live? We want our children to appreciate and celebrate where they live as well as wanting to improve their community for now and for the future.

Aim: We want our children to understand the word community and how history has shaped our community so that they have a strong sense of chronologically and connection to where they live.


Our children demonstrate a strong understanding of cause and effect and are able to consider ways to resolve issues and conflict. As Historians, they enjoy exploring this cause and effect within different historical periods. But how often do our children ask whether historical evidence presented is true? Throughout history, information is communicated through people, with their own perspectives and narratives. In the modern day era of the internet, information is more readily accessible and our children can often take what they read as ‘truth’. We believe it necessary to teach our children to question and challenge the evidence given and history presents a good platform to explore this. Our children need to look deeper at sources of evidence; looking for bias, perspective and factual accuracy. They should understand that, the rich diversity of our world and the experiences people have, shapes one’s viewpoint and retelling of events.

Aim: We want our children to dig deeper, to question and to compare.


History overflows with examples of where people have disagreed and it has lead to conflict. Equally, history provides examples of where disagreeing well has led to positive change. Our children live in a community which is diverse, where there are different faiths, non-faiths, backgrounds and cultures. A harmonious community requires people to disagree well.

Aim:We want our children to learn to disagree well and to celebrate and respect the diversity of their community and beyond.


Our children have aspirations and demonstrate a widening understanding of the possibilities for their future. History teaches us that change can be rapid and that, although the future is unknown, it is influenced by the past.  A secure chronology enables children to understand how our present day has been shaped through history, to include how people live. We want our children to be able to connect ‘yesterday’ to ‘today’ and to consider ‘tomorrow’, so that they may imagine their future and the future possibilities for our world.

Aim:We want our children to have a secure chronology of the historical periods they study and other significant historical events.