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Our Vision.

At St Luke’s we have a rich diversity of children from many different cultures and places across Europe and the wider world. Significant proportions of our children speak a language other than English and have the opportunity to travel to places outside of the UK. Some of our children, however, rarely travel beyond their local environment. Our children will talk about places they have visited but show little understanding of where these places are within our world; how close they are to where they live, which continent they’re in, the geographical features and how large or small the country is in comparison to other places. Some children know very few places beyond Redditch; showing little knowledge of the UK and the variation and diversity of our landscape.

Aim:We want to enable our children to build connections; using map skills, Ariel photographs and comparative study.


Redditch has a rich landscape and is well located near large cities, rural places and inspiring green spaces. When asked what they like about their local community, our children talk about the shopping centre, the fast food places and the play centres. Their appreciation and broad knowledge of their local community is missing. There is no sense of belonging or deep understanding of their community and how it connects to the wider community and beyond. We want to get our children out into their local community to see both the physical and human features of their landscape and to understand its rich diversity and scope for development and improvement.

Aim:We want our children to explore, appreciate and be proud of where they live.


We know that environmental changes that are happening now will affect the children we now serve. The children have some understanding of this; they know that plastic bags are no good for our oceans; they know that animals are endangered; they know that cars cause pollution. But how much do they care? How much do they want to act? Many of our children are passive; they act when directed to. We want our children to have a strong sense of justice and responsibility towards their planet which stays with them well beyond their time at St Luke’s.

Aim:We want our children to challenge, question, care and act.