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Bears Class Home Learning Packs

Home learning timetable

Bears Home Learning- Handa's Surprise. Week beginning 30th March.

I hope that you enjoyed reading Hands's Surprise last week and trying some of the suggested activities. 

This week, please look at the story again and see how much you can remember, then try these tasks: 

  • Write a list of the animals in the story or a list of the fruits Handa has in her basket. 
  • Use some real fruit, plastic play fruit or toy animals and line them up to count. Can you estimate how many you have, then count to check? 
  • Use your fruit or animals again and put them into 2 groups. Which group has more? Which group has less? Can you add them together and find the total? 
  • You can also take 10 of any object and practise number bonds to 10. Can you quickly remember and show different ways of making 10? Eg: 5+5=10, 9+1=10, 8+2=10 ...
  • Can you look at a piece of fruit or a picture of an animal and draw it? What shapes and colours can you see? Are there any patterns? Look closely at what you are drawing and think about the colours you use. 


Daily virtual Phonics lessons for children from Monday 23rd March using Read Write Inc. will be available and are extremely valuable for your child to continue their daily phonics practise. Please try to watch with your child every day! These are our usual style phonics lessons and are available on Facebook or YouTube at 'Read write inc'. 


They will release three short Speed Sound lessons with one of their trainers every day for the next two weeks.


The films will only be available at the times below: Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am and again at 12.30 pm

Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am and again at 1.00 pm

Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am and again at 1.30 pm

Please note: the films are streamed live and won’t be available at other times.

They are also releasing a film of a poem for Reception and Year 1 children to join in with at 2.00 pm every day. The poems will be available on YouTube to watch again. These Films for parents will help parents to support their child to learn to read at home with Read Write Inc. Phonics are available on their website and YouTube channel. The YouTube channel will have a quick face-lift to help parents find the films easily. They are adding a parent film to Facebook every day too.

Phonics and tricky words