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Autumn updates

Autumn 2 Week 7 Updates.

This week Lion's class explored the Himalayas via Google Earth, particularly looking at Mount Everest. We looked at the structure of a mountain and labelled them now with key vocabulary.  We also made our own pizza's and wrote instructions on how you can make them too! Keep looking, the recipe will appear soon!

This week Lion's class have had a lot of fun preparing for the Christmas break! We had our fun day on Thursday and in class we made salt dough tree decorations, wrapping paper and learnt how to curl ribbon ( an essential life skill of course!)

Then on Friday we used the techniques we learnt whilst studying Georgia O'Keefe in Art and applied them to decorate our salt dough with watercolours.

Autumn 2 Week 6 Updates. 

This week we have been continuing our learning on equivalent fractions and have been moving on to counting, adding and subtracting them. We have also continue to look at  a range of information sources to  look at the Romanisation of Britain and have started to create reports on the changes the Romans made to our country. This week, we also have Forest School on Friday so please be prepared.

Autumn 2 Week 5 Updates. 

This week we have been busy exploring equivalent fractions by making rainbow fractions! Year 4 have also been rounding to the nearest 1000 in their place value lessons and have learnt the rhyme 1,2,3,4 leave the number as before, 5,6,7,8,9 move to the next one on the numberline. 

In our handwriting we have been continuing on our quest to perfect our 'three friends hold'.

In geography, we have also looked at the climate of North America and compared to the climate in the UK. We discovered there were 6 climate zones just in the one continent and only one climate zone in the UK. Furthermore, in art the children have been creating Roy Lichenstein inspired pop art style self portraits- you will all be seeing them soon wink

Pencil Hold Song

Still image for this video

Autumn 2 Week 4  Updates.

So far this week we have been working on our handwriting and particularly, perfecting our pencil grip. We have been practising our pencil hold song and our 'three friends hold' well. We have also explored North America using Haiku poetry and written all about Redditch with Cinquain poems. This week we will also be conquering fractions in maths and looking at biased information sources in history about Boudicca the Celt Queen. 

Week 4 updates

Autumn 2 Week 3 Updates.

This week we have been exploring multiplication and division in maths and have written a diary entry from The Onceler's perspective from the story The Lorax. We have learnt how our actions can have an impact on our environment and how to reduce this. We also created our postcards ready to be sent via The Global Postcard Exchange to schools in The USA and Canada. In science, we enjoyed looking at the human body and measuring our bodies to collect measurable data. Lastly, on Friday we developed our ball control in hockey and practised passing to each other and stopping.

Week 3 Pictures

Autumn 2 Week 2 Updates

So far this week some members of Lions class went to the remembrance service on the 11th November which was held at the remembrance gardens off Plymouth Road. Mrs Burling said the children enjoyed their time reflecting about the people who fought in the wars to protect our future. 

Week 2 Pictures

Autumn 2 Week 1 Updates

This week we have been focusing on our presentation and have been working hard on making our bodies strong to help us do this. We have been ensuring that we have key strength in our shoulder and pelvic girdle's by using animal poses to help us improve our fitness.

This week we also took part in the sponsored walk around the local area and thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the wondeful sites on our doorstep. Below, are a few photographs from our walk. 

Week 1 Pictures

Autumn 1 Updates

During our first half term in year 4 we had lots of fun learning opportunities, here are just a few!

Forest School

We had fun in Forest School learning to persevere with challenging tasks and using the equipment safely. We managed to create tree dollies, use the mud kitchen, create shelters and explore the habitats of the creatures living within our school grounds. 

Forest School Pictures

Town Twinning Event

Year 4 took part in the Redditch One World Link Town Twinning Event on Saturday 19th October. 

The event was in assciation with our linked town, Mtwara in Tanzania and focused upon sustainability. The event included an exciting trashion show, rubbish expo and workshops on creating items from things we already own. There were also lots of stalls there that aimed to reduce waste, from food to clothing!

Year 4 took part in two competitions- a photography competition and a re-use challenge. Take a look below at some of the entries. 


Red ditch Rethinks Rubbish Expo Pictures

Birchensale Multi Skills

We recently went on a PE based visit to Birchensale Middle School to work on our invasion game skills in collaboartion with other Redditch first schools. The children learnt new skills around ball handling hockey and football. We will be heading back to Birchensale in November for the tournament. 

Multi Skills Pictures