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Plant Faces

Draw a face on some card (I used the inside from a cereal box) and find a plant to make some hair for your face. You could draw your face, paint your face, use whatever materials you have at home but use your imagination. Even Lia found it interesting!

Outdoor Art

Lots of different art activities for you to do outside. All thanks to Mrs Darlington on Twitter.

Bubble Bubble Bubble Pop
Bugs, Bees and Butterflies!
Cloud and Sky Art
Finding and Creating Patterns
Pitter Patter Painting
Shadow Art
Spirals and Snails
Sticks, Sticks and More Sticks
Take Me To The Beach
Take One Leaf

#ArtJumpstart with Darrell Wakelam


Here are some of the different things you can make using recyclable and other materials you might have at home. There are other ideas  from Darrell on Twitter under the #ArtJumpstart hashtag. 

Recycled Robot
Recycled Robot - instructions
Sticky Fish
Sticky Fish - instructions
Tin Foil Figure
Tin Foil Figure - Instructions
Eggbox Mouse
Eggbox Mouse - instructions
Paper Plate caterpillar
Paper Plate Caterpillar - instructions
Paper Plate Shark
Paper Plate Shark - instructions
Pasta Fossil Fish
Pasta Fossil Fish - instructions

Drawing challenge

Paint with coffee