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Friends of the School


Our school has an active P.F.A. which is run by our parents and friends at St. Luke's.


The objective of the Parents’- Friends’ Association is to provide ‘those extras’ for the benefit and enjoyment of our children. Each year we organise a number of events, such as a Summer Fete, Christmas Fun Night, Discos, Quiz Evening and many exciting experiences for the children.  

These events have provided funding for our school children in the form of a contribution towards new hall tables and chairs, children's water bottles for use in classrooms, Year 4 leaving presents, foam soap for all toilet facilities - exciting experiences; including visits to school by Zoo Lab, fun creative activities in school and much, much more . . . . . .

We very much hope that you will get involved with our activities/events and enjoy yourself, helping to provide more experiences and facilities for all of our children.



Your committee members: 

Chair Person          Lucy Hicks-Kenward

                        (Kaitlyn Yr.4 & Elliot Yr,2)


Treasurer             Sarah Bennett

                        (Austin Yr.R1 & Constance Yr.R)


Secretary             Vicky Griffiths

                        (Noah Yr.3 & Francesca Yr.1)